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CASCADE open-sourced

Not having any time to further develop CASCADE, I have published the source code and a free, unlimited Windows build. Few functional changes have happened since:

  • Handle invalid ROM data mappings without crashing (fixes Daewoo Matiz Engine 0.8l)

I am willing to accept patches. There is a lot to be discovered by developers, such as a Linux desktop and embedded version, and the horrible lengths one has to go to to emulate a real-time system on a non-real-time PC operating system. Also the often-requested ELM327 support already exists, although it is debatable how useful it is. 🙂

Have fun!

New version 0.9.1

This small update fixes problems with unpacking compressed Hi-Scan Pro/CS1 ROM images: In 0.9, depending on the location of your installation, unpacked ROM images might have shown up in unexpected places or could not be created at all. Now they will be put in the same place as the original file.

Download the new demo version 0.9.1.

Registered users will receive their updates by e-mail.

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