Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

What is “Hi-Scan Pro”? What is “Carman Scan 1”?

The “Hi-Scan Pro” (“Hyundai Intelligent Scanner Professional”) was the official Hyundai and Kia diagnostic scan tool until it has been replaced by the GDS (“Global Diagnostic System”) in 2006. It is the only system that allows to perform diagnostic routines on OBD-1 Hyundai and Kia vehicles made before 1996.

The “Carman Scan 1” scanner is technically identical to the “Hi-Scan Pro”, but features software supporting virtually all brands of vehicles. The CS1 is particularly strong in its support for Japanese vehicles.

CASCADE can emulate both devices, provided it is fed with the corresponding software.

Is it possible to use registered versions of Carman Scan I software with CASCADE?

At the moment, CS1 software is only supported in its trial mode. Using registered versions of CS1 software requires proper emulation of the device serial number, something that CASCADE is not capable of at this time.

Are vehicles using VPW or PWM interfaces supported?

American-style VPW and PWM interfaces are not supported by any of the interfaces that can be used with CASCADE.

Will the reprogramming cartridges downloadable from Hyundai/Kia work with CASCADE?

It could work, but I have never tested it, and I can not be held liable for any damage you cause to your vehicle through the use of CASCADE. Do not use the reprogramming cartridges unless you have the capability to restore your ECU’s flash memory to its original state! If you don’t know what that means, DON’T DO IT!

Wow, that sounds scary! Should I subject my car to this CASCADE thing at all?

While I disclaim all responsibility for damages caused by the use of CASCADE, I dare say that using it to perform purely diagnostic functions is perfectly safe. The features of the diagnostic software supported by CASCADE often allow to do more than perform purely diagnostic routines, though, and if you choose to avail yourself of them, you should have at least a rough idea of what you are doing. The diagnostic software is designed for professionals and does not always try to keep you from doing something stupid, so please exercise caution.

The Hi-Scan Pro software downloads from Hyundai/Kia are said to be only applicable to American-market vehicles. Does that mean they won’t work on my European/Asian model?

While this is not the case for all manufacturers, Hyundai/Kia models seem to have little enough variations between markets for the American software to work with all models. At least that is the case with my European Hyundai XG 30, which seems to have no problem posing as an American “XG 300”. That said, apart from generally recommending not to use the reprogramming software provided by Hyundai/Kia with CASCADE, I especially recommend not to use it on non-American vehicles!

Does CASCADE support “VAG-COM 409.1”-compatible interfaces?

These interfaces are currently supported as K/L interfaces only. CAN support might be added in a future release.

Does CASCADE support ELM327-based interfaces?

The ELM327 chip is not flexible enough to support more than a small subset of the commonly used communication protocols, so I have decided not to support it.

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