Tukaj želimo vam ponuja jedrnate razlage tehničnih izrazov, ki se pogosto pojavijo na tej spletni strani.

CAN bus

V “Controller Area Networkbus is a relatively recent (by automotive standards) way for control units to talk to each other, and is nowadays (since the mid-2000s) also used to perform diagnostic functions. It has, in fact, been mandatory for new vehicles in certain markets since 2008. To talk to an ECU via CAN bus, you need a K+CAN interface.


Engine Control Unit” ali “Electronic Control Unit”. To so računalniki, ki nadzorujejo vašega avtomobila. There is usually one for every major subsystem, such as engine, drivetrain, zavore, airbags, etc. When performing a diagnostic session, these are the units you want to talk with.


Future Technology Devices Internationalis a manufacturer of USB-to-serial converters. FTDI chips are generally more flexible than other brands when it comes to unusual modes of communication, a feature that is very important when talking to motor vehicles. KASKADNO podpira samo diagnostičnih vmesnike z FTDI čipi.

K/L (also known asK line”)

K/L is a mode of data transfer that uses so-calledUART signalling”, which is similar to a legacy PC serial port, although with different voltage levels. K/L pogosto uporablja v vozilih, ki so do sredine novem in je še vedno pogosto uporabljajo sekundarnih sistemov kot zavore ali zračnih blazin. To talk to an ECU through K/L, you need a K/L or K+CAN interface.


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